Choosing a Career College

We’ve all heard the saying “knowledge is power.” Making the decision to continue your education post high school is a big step in securing your future. When choosing where to study, you may consider factors such as time, cost, personal interest of study and the job market. These factors may also be the reason a career college may suit you best. Here’s a list of reasons you should consider a career college:

TIME – Attending a two or four year college or university is a big time commitment. Career colleges offer accelerated programs where students can complete the program within weeks or months. Here at PSCD we understand potential students are excited to get working in their career field as soon as possible. We strive to get our students educated, trained and working in a matter of weeks.

COST – Studying at a career college is significantly more affordable than attending a university or college. Paying for a traditional education at a university or college can put a major dent in one’s finances. In most cases, students are forced to take out large student loans to cover the cost of tuition. In addition to these loans, students have other expenses that come along with college life. At career colleges most schools offer tuition assistance and payment plans that won’t break the bank down the road.

TRAINING – At PSCD we allow our students to learn by doing. A hands-on approach to learning solidifies techniques students are required to understand and gives students an easy transition from class to career. Our curriculum doesn’t contain prerequisites which makes learning fun and more engaging for our students. On day one students begin learning things they’ll use in their career.

CLASS SCHEDULE – Career colleges offer flexible class schedules that allow their students to work while learning. Having to choose between an education and supporting yourself should never be a decision a student should have to make. At PSCD our classes are in the late evening and or weekends to accommodate our working students.

SIZE – Class size at a career college are typically much smaller than that of a university. Our students receive one on one attention from their instructors and career advisor which makes learning at PSCD personal and enjoyable.

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