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In only eight weeks, students obtain the basic skills necessary to assist with the various functions in the front office in the medical field.


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In only eight weeks, students are able to translate all tests, treatments, and diagnostic information into a universally accepted language understood by hospital systems and insurance companies alike.


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In only twelve weeks, graduates of this course can find employment with pharmacies in the retail environment, hospitals, research centers, etc.


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In only fourteen weeks, students obtain the basic skills necessary to assist with the various dental procedures performed in a dental practice.


Palmetto School of Career Development has several options available to our students to lessen the burden of paying for classes. You can read more about the options below and take our Financial Aid Survey to discover if you are potentially eligible for any of the funding programs currently available to our students.


Students can obtain loans for the entire cost of our courses. Applicants with a 500 Equifax Credit Score or above usually qualify. Please contact your Career Advisor for details on applying.


If you do not qualify for a monthly payment plan, weekly plans are available. Please note that weekly plans represent a larger financial strain. For this reason, we advise students to purse monthly payment plan options first. Contact your local Career Advisor for details on these plans.


Student can choose to pay for courses in advance, avoiding all finance charges, as well. These payment plans allow students to make manageable monthly or weekly payments for future courses. Please contact your Career Advisor for details on these highly customizable plans.


WIOA (Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act)

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is a federally funded program that provides payment for job training courses, such as those offered at Palmetto School of Career Development, to individuals who qualify. WIOA-approved courses vary from county to county. Please contact your local Career Advisor to find out which courses are available in your area.
Click here for more details on the WIOA process.

Pathways Scholarship

Pathways is an employment and training program that provides scholarships to SNAP clients who wish to further their education and gain skills/certifications that can lead to employment. The Pathways Scholarship Program (PSP) provide mini-grants that will pay for tuition and books for SNAP clients. CONTACT YOUR LOCAL CAREER ADVISOR for details on this program and how to get started.


Telamon is a program that offers reimbursement for vocational trainings such as the ones we offer at Palmetto School of Career Development. The program is open to individuals who have performed farm work on a seasonal basis and their children. Contact your local Career Advisor for details on this program and how to get started.

Workplace Programs

Some employers offer reimbursement for job training programs to their employees, even if the training is in an unrelated field. Why would they do this? It improves their turnover and unemployment rates if employees voluntarily leave for another job. These programs usually exist at larger retailers. Ask your manager or Human Resources representative if your workplace offers these type of programs.