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Resume Assistance

A well formatted resume is the key to a successful job search. Here are the instructions to follow for assistance with your resume.

  1. Download one of the resume templates to the right
  2. Fill in the template with your personal information and work history. Remember, these are templates, so they won’t necessarily fit your exact circumstances, just use them as a guideline of what to include and how format it. Feel free to add any additional information you feel separates you from other candidates (I.e. Military History, Volunteer experience, additional COMPLETED educational experience, unrelated certifications or awards from previous jobs/education)
  3. Once you have the template filled in, email it to If you have questions, send them and your resume to the placement coordinator’s email at and include a time when you are free to review it.
  4. Schedule a call with the placement coordinator to discuss your resume and develop a job search strategy


Things to remember when filling in the template:

  • Include all recent work history, the rule of thumb is to include about 10 years of your history. If you have work history that is relevant to your current training with PSCD and it is beyond 10 years, I would also include it.
  • Include both the MONTH and the YEAR start and end dates. If you are not sure of the dates, contact your job to verify. Ensuring your information is accurate is vital.
  • When writing your job descriptions, focus on what was unique to your experience in the job. For example – were you a cashier but you also assisted management with various tasks like training new staff, opening/closing the store, counting down the cash registers? What was special about you in that role?
  • Use action words like – assisted, developed, managed, constructed, organized, supervised, administered
  • Include any special awards or recognition you received at a job, especially if you were promoted, as one of the bullets of your description
  • For assistance with job descriptions visit this website – – just search the job title you need help describing
  • Relevant certifications and course completion dates will need to be updated later, they are on the template so you know how and where to enter them when the time comes, for now you can delete them from the template
  • Ensure that the email address you are using to apply for jobs and what is listed on your resume is professional – it should be a version of your legal name, so employers know it’s you when you contact them.