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Dental Assistant Facts

Dental Assistant careers are projected to grow by 11% in the next eight years. This can be due to the new research linking your oral and general health. Other factors, such as the population aging and needing preventative dental care also play a role.  Dental Assistants work in dental offices and usually all of them […]

Nonverbal Communication in Your Interview

Interview preparation is a vital part of any job search. Your education, question review, and employee history play a role in landing a job, but a hidden factor is your nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication, also known as body language or paralanguage, includes your attire, volume in which you are speaking, the speed in which you […]

Choosing a Career College

We’ve all heard the saying “knowledge is power.” Making the decision to continue your education post high school is a big step in securing your future. When choosing where to study, you may consider factors such as time, cost, personal interest of study and the job market. These factors may also be the reason a […]